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lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2007

el nuevo orden mundial

Ancient Belief Systems

Throughout history, man has been influenced by various beliefs. Wars have been waged over differences of faith, and as armies and traders moved from culture to culture, they transported their ideologies to people in distant lands. This program examines the ancient mysteries of how these ancient belief systems influenced Christianity and Judaism, and how they have been influenced by astrotheology ­ the worship of the heavens.
Egypt Light of the World

As the sands of time have buried the great temples of the Egyptians, they have also entombed the greatest ancient mysteries of man. This video provides a journey back in time, to examine the ancient symbols and stories of the once mighty Egyptians, and to learn of the remarkable influence their mythologies have had on mankind throughout the ages.

Matrix of Power

Deep within the fabric of our society lie embedded symbols that reveal the underlying ideologies that control the world in which we live. Through the examination of these symbols, this remarkable video presents controversial information that unearths an elaborate Matrix of Power of fraternal orders in politics and banking that has influenced the affairs of men for hundreds of years, and continues to impact us today. Once you've seen this material, the world will never seem the same again.

The Naked Truth

Discover: Uncanny similarities like those between the Virgin births of Krishna, Mithra, Osiris/Horus and Jesus; Underlying astrological symbolism such as the two fishes of Christianity, representing the Age of Pisces; How sun worship of the pagans was transformed into "Son" worship of today's Christians; The history of the suppression of thought that has led to "holy wars," the Inquisition and other reprehensible acts by the so-called righteous!

The Hidden Truth

Discover the astrological and mythological basis of symbols from ancient Egypt and earlier civilizations which bear striking similarities to Judaic, Christian & Islamic teachings and how institutions have suppressed these truths in order to consolidate power over the masses. See for yourself the far-reaching impact Freemasons have had throughout history on our society and our belief systems.

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