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lunes, 8 de julio de 2013

You can Help to Raise Funds To Study The UFO Baltic Anomaly

As many UFO enthusiasts are already aware it seems that a possible UFO has been found on the bottom of the Baltic Anomaly.

The team who has discovered this object have allowed us followers to create a campaign to try and help raise the large amount of funding needed for the necessary equipment and scientific expertise to try and identify this object.

We could greatly use the support of your website!

Please check out this link and decide for yourself.

Thank you,
Jon Williams

The team has put together a brief budget schedule to show the projected costs for a successful expedition. 

Required Personnel: 
This includes divers, ROV pilots, scientists, equipment specialists, and a film crew. 

Estimated Costs: $68,420 

Required Equipment: 
This includes a suitable vessel, anchoring equipment, a ROV, scientific equipment, fuel & lubricants, expedition planning and management of resources, and costs of the fundraising campaign. 

Estimated Costs: $219,000 

Miscellaneous costs: 
This includes food and fresh water, first aid supplies, and unforeseen expedition costs. 

Estimated Costs: $29,830 

Completed expedition estimated costs: $317,250 

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