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sábado, 8 de junio de 2013

Ufo Giant Spider Video !!

People videotaped a UFO that he could not distinguish with the naked eye as it was cloudy but when taken with the camera.

飞碟 ユーフォー  天使  エンジェル  НЛО

this strange object and apply the zoom of the camera this object appears quite another way and seems to have more legs and legs like a giant spider when you zoom the shape of the unidentified flying object flying at a high and looks like a spider and is flying and stays in the air, in the sky for several minutes floating and turning on its axis.

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Residents returned to warn of the presence of lights in the sky. They look to the south of the town, come and go. It's not news that in different parts of sightings occur unidentified phenomena in the sky.

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