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lunes, 19 de agosto de 2013

Extraña Criatura En descubierta en Iran.

Las fotos venían con la siguiente información anexa:

Dear Sir/Madam

I am an Iranian person, Who found strange dead creature .

This creature is looklike human, the whole of hight is 7Cm .

It has very big eyes, yellow skin and bigger head than it`s body .

The pheenomenal is that the body doesn`t frozen in ccold situation and has not bad smell in warm weather, and not Rotted yet .

It`s muscles still look stong with short hairs and tooth are looklikes wild animals .

If you are intrested in, i will send more photos of the above mentioned .

Youre prompt reply is highly appreciated .


Hamid G.

Fuente: Phantoms And monsters

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