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¿El Volcan Dormido de Yellowstone esta a punto de despertar?

El Parque Nacional de Yellowstone (Yellowstone National Park en inglés) creado por el Congreso de los Estados Unidos y convertido en ley por el entonces presidente Ulysses S. Grant el 1 de marzo de 1872,3 4 es un parque nacional ubicado en los Estados Unidos, principalmente en el estado de Wyoming, aunque se extiende por Montana e Idaho. Yellowstone, ampliamente considerado como el parque nacional más antiguo del mundo,5 es famoso por su diversa fauna y sus fenómenos geotérmicos, especialmente el Old Faithful Geyser, una de las atracciones más populares en el parque.6 A pesar de que posee múltiples ecosistemas, el bosque subalpino es dominante.

El 30 de Marzo de 2014 el parque fué sacudido con un temblor de 4.2 grados. Lo interesante de esto es que bajo el parque yace un volcán dormido, que parece haber despertado con el movimiento intenso terremoto, ya que esto ha sucedido antes (mirar el mapa).

La prueba mas irrefutable de que algo puede pasar nos la da la misma naturaleza. Ya se han captado varios videos de animales que están literalmente saliendo de la zona debido a un fenómeno desconocido. Lo mas posible es que el volcán haga erupción, lo que nos e sabe es cuando pasará esto. 

Esto es lo que dice el autor del video:

#Zicutake ][Subscriber][ -- I ran across another piece of data--the G2
cloud--and its link to a possible imminent eruption at Yellowstone,
which I thought I should make you aware of. First let me present the
G2 cloud data. Scientists are telling us that there is a giant gas
cloud that is coming very close to the center of the Milky Way, and if
it contains a brown dwarf, it could set off a superwave. If the
superwave occurs it could possibly trigger large earthquakes,
volcanoes, and various other earth effecting events. The cloud is
supposed to be closest to the core about mid March. Here is some of
the scientific info regarding this G2 cloud.

A giant gas cloud is set to spiral into the supermassive black hole at
the Milky Way's core in the next few months, and scientists should get
a great view of the dramatic celestial action...

In 2003, scientists discovered what seemed to be a cloud of gas,
termed G2, which should collide in March or thereabouts with the
supermassive black hole that lurks at the heart of the Milky

And what might the effects of this collision be on earth?

In the case where an entire 100 jupiter mass brown dwarf were to
plunge into the Galactic core in one discrete event, the energy
release would be equivalent to that released in a hypernova, the most
powerful of known supernova exposions (~1053 ergs). This could be
enough to jump-start the Galactic core into a Seyfert state and
generate a potentially lethal superwave...

The superwave will have arrived at our doorstep, possibly heralded by
earthquakes occurring a few days before.

Thus the incoming energies could set off earthquakes, anything else?

Although there is a rather remote possibility (which I cannot
presently rule out) that such a superwave may be a Magnitude 1
superwave that carries an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and geomagnetic
disturbance similar to a Carrington solar flare event, one that would
be able to disrupt our electrical grid and satellite communication
systems. Also a magnitude 1 event could possibly cause significant
seismic activity similar to the December 2004 tsunami event that
struck two days before our satellites registered the largest Galactic
gamma ray burst in modern history. But these more serious EMP and
gravity wave consequences should occur only if the G2 cloud break up
and consumption occurred quickly, as we will discuss below...

It goes without mentioning, that this would launch a superwave that
upon arrival at our solar system would have serious consequences, such
as those that impacted us at the end of the last ice age.

That's the data, so where is the connection to Batman and Yellowstone?
Some of you have already figured it out. This superwave, if it occurs,
is supposed to come from the core of the Milky Way. The Milky Way is
associated with the Ba--Batman--as explained by Running from Babylon in
her post; RYSE1 - The Dark Knight of the Soul.

"The Egyptians personified the Milky Way as a horned cow goddess. Her
name was Bat. Her name was derived from the word BA, which was the
element of the human soul that was temporarily submerged in darkness
and suffering, which the ancients often referred to as the "dark night
of the soul." The BA was submerged in the dark night of the soul
because it had fallen from heaven down to Earth thru the celestial
Silver Gate.

To re-enter Heaven, the Ba needed to travel back to Heaven thru the
celestial Golden Gate. The goddess of the Milky Way was named Bat
because Bat is the feminine form of Ba. If we add the word MAN to BAT,
we neutralize the feminine "T" and form a new, androgynous title for
the Ba, BATMAN.

We see that BA and BATMAN are the same word. They represent the
ancient Egyptian notion of the "dark night of the soul." This is
exactly why Batman is also called "the Dark Knight" because he is the
"Ba," the temporary dark night of the soul. He is the Egyptian god BAT
of the Milky Way. This is also why Batman's logo is a giant image of
the Milky Way. And that is why we project it onto the night sky."

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