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martes, 24 de junio de 2014

5 Fotografías de Fantasmas que se Alegan como Reales

Las fotografías de fantasmas por lo general suelen ser desmentidas solo días después de que salen a la inmensidad del internet. Las siguientes cinco fotografías son alegadas como reales o si no, no están alteradas de ninguna manera ni con ningún programa digital. chequeenlas:

5) El fantasma de Alcatraz, tomada por Glenn Shelton en 2008

4) El ojo misterioso. No hay origen ni descripción para esta fotografía. ¿Reptilianos cambiaformas?

3) El fantasma de Oregon. El textoq ue lo acompaña es el siguiente:

I grew up in Beaverton, Oregon, a suburb of Portland that is best known for being the World Headquarters of Nike. After an uneventful childhood, I went off to college at the University of Oregon to earn a journalism degree. Then, jaded by the world of contemporary media, I earned a Masters of Education to teach high school English. A job offer took me from my hometown to Sacramento in 2003, and I`ve been here since. In my ``free`` time, I write fiction and am the author of a YA series called ``Partners in Time``, which you can easily find at the local, Barnes & Nobel, etc.

Regarding ghosts, I have been interested in those since I can remember. I was quite the reader as a child and devoured fiction and non-fiction books about haunted places and ghosts. For a time, my mom fretted about me because the non-fiction books on ghosts were set next to books on demons and the occult in our local library. As I grew up, I collected articles in The Oregonian newspaper about haunted locations (local or otherwise) that were printed, usually around Halloween, and loved the show ``Unsolved Mysteries`` for the occasional pieces they had about haunted places. In high school, I spent a semester doing a 60 page research paper on ghosts, impressing a teacher who thought that the selection of such a topic would not be taken seriously.

During my teenage journalistic endeavors, I wrote a story about the haunted McLoughlan House in Oregon City , Ore. for my high school`s newspaper, interviewing the curator-at-the-time about her experiences there. I also wrote a story about the haunted auditorium in South Eugene High School for the UO`s student newspaper, after a tip from a college roommate, and was able to track down a student who had possibly captured the ghost on film. 

2) Una medium experimenta una posesión y esta fotografía es tomada justo en ese momento. 

1) el fantasma del Barco Queen Mary

While aboard the Queen Mary a few years back my Uncle George took this picture of what he thought was an ordinary vestibule. When he got home he printed out his pictures but wasn’t expecting to find what looks like a ghost walking down the hall. My Uncle is 78 and does not believe in ghosts, but this freaked him out. He doesn’t even like to talk about the incident. I was just watching a special on the 10 most haunted places and when the Queen Mary was listed I felt compelled to send in the picture.

Many emails have poured in to since the original posting of the Queen Mary Ghost photo. All stating that they believe this to be the best Ghost Photo ever taken on the Queen Mary to date. Many have also voted this to be the best Number 1 Ghost Photo of the year for 2008.

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