viernes, 27 de mayo de 2016

Do you Live in the USA? Colonial Ghosts it´s your best paranormal Option.

Looking throught the Internet, in this blog we found several places who offers a lot of paranormal information from around the world. but from the USA we receive a lot of requests to do some researching about historical places with a paranormal behaviour to visit it. One of the best sites (and tours) that you can find is Colonial ghosts, website dedicated to do tours on The College of William and Mary and Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.

This is your opportunity to get into the paranormal world. If you want more info, i left you the link to go to the main webpage of the group in the bottom of the page. ¿Do you 've already been in one of the tours? please share your experiences here to qualify the service. 

This is a permapost, so it will be open to changes permanently. Please share and like for the best paranormal tour experience you can find in the Internet, Colonial Ghosts.

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